All Shall Be Well

I don’t know when I first read these lines from St. Teresa of Avila but since then I’ve repeated them so many times that I have committed them to memory. I hope you find them as great a source of comfort as I have. Each time I say them I am then reminded of the words of St. Julian of Norwich: “All Shall Be Well.”

Lines From Teresa of Avila’s Breviary


Let nothing disturb thee,
Nothing affright thee;
All things are passing;
God never changeth;
Patient endurance
Attaineth to all things;
Who God possesseth
In nothing is wanting;
Alone God sufficeth.

 Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

All Shall Be Well,

And All Shall Be Well,

And All manner of thing shall be well.

St. Julian of Norwich






Author: Rebekah Durham

Rebekah Durham lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her three children.  She is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary and has written for numerous publications. She is an avid reader and in particular an admirer of C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, G.K. Chesterton, Henri Nouwen, and Dorothy L. Sayers (in no certain order). She'd also blindly follow Miss Marple (Agatha Christie's famous spinster sleuth) anywhere she wanted to go.

5 thoughts on “All Shall Be Well”

  1. This is the second time I’m reading this quote by St Theresa of Jesus. Just a week or 2 back, I was hoping for God to put Julian of Norwich in front of my eyes again…. to be able to see All Will Be Well in a miracle sort of way. I was yearning for God’s comfort as I battled worry about something. Today, both these quotes I find here. God has spoken. God is truly great.

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