My Prayer Journal

I, like Flannery O’Connor, keep a prayer journal, but unlike O’Connor there isn’t much in my journal that’s worth reading. That’s not me being humble, either. I thumbed through one of my journals the other day. I can’t decipher half of what is written in it, and the other half I spent rambling on about my exhaustion, complaining about my fears, and begging God to hurry up and help me. In all of the pages, I only found a few lines worth anything. I share them mainly as a reminder to myself, but I do hope they encourage you today.

God is good. All prayer must begin and end with this. No matter your situation, never let go of this conviction. He will not let you be put to shame.


Author: Rebekah Durham

Rebekah Durham lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her three children.  She is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary and has written for numerous publications. She is an avid reader and in particular an admirer of C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, G.K. Chesterton, Henri Nouwen, and Dorothy L. Sayers (in no certain order). She'd also blindly follow Miss Marple (Agatha Christie's famous spinster sleuth) anywhere she wanted to go.

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